lunes, 16 de agosto de 2004

a mi amigo Khai

Este parrafo que sigue va en ingles, dedicado a mi amigo Khai, de Suiza que esta despidiendose hoy, asi que perdon a mis amigos de habla hispana...

I want to keep record of this, no because is posible that i forget him, but because we had greats moments toghether in the last three month that Im going to keep with me for ever. So, Khai, my friend, I hope to see you soon, here in Saigon, there in Switzerland or anywhere (anywhere is Argentina??? I hope so!). Thanks for be so friendly, for the beers we shared toghether, and all the chats. Im sure we are going to keep in touch in the ciberspace! I wish you the best of the best, and never forget you have an argentinian friend here!
Big hugs amigo! See you soon!!!
(Thanks for the cup, the very sexy lighter, and the chocolate!)

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